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Helping Hands

You're part of a Cooperative

Having a FAST account means you're an owner of FAST and we simply exist for you!

Kings County

A Local Organization You Trust

We're your neighbors, family and friends working together to make your lives better.

Hands Holding Heart

You're the ❤ of FAST!

You're the reason behind why FAST is unique and special. Everything we do is with you at heart!

FAST Members get Scholarships

Your membership helps Kings County seniors further their education and make a positive impact.

Not for Profit

We exist to serve you, not make a profit. Rest assured every decision is made in your best interest.

Financial Education

Our mission is to teach financial education and help members find Financial Peace - learn more

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Staff volunteered in 2019
Did you know?
  • If you live, work or worship in Kings County, you can be a member at FAST!
  • Joining FAST makes you part of something bigger: the cooperative movement. Learn more about it here. 
  • FAST is not-for-profit.  We’re not about making money, we’re about improving your finances and serving you!
  • FAST is about community!  We know it’s up to us to help make our world better and we’re doing just that!  In 2019, our Staff, Board and Committees volunteered 3,425 hours to improving our communities!
  • FAST is safe, strong and secure, ranked in the top 1% of all credit unions nationwide.*
  • We were created in 1953 to serve our members and to improve lives.  More than 60-years later, our focus continues – serving our members and improving lives!
  • Oh, and there are lots of great financial reasons to join FAST too:

*Healthiest Credit Unions in the Nation -

The Sentinel Readers Choice BEST award 2019 LOGO

Best Credit Union - 2019 (and

the 7 years prior!)

Hanford Sentinel - Reader's Choice Awards

A+ Health & Stability Rating 2014 - Depositaccounts.comNational Financial Health Rating 

Top 1% healthiest credit unions in the nation. Deposit Accounts highest rating!

5 Stars

Bauer Financial Inc.

Lemoore Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year - 2015, 2010

Kings County Office of Education (KCOE) Golden Apple - 2011

Economic Development Corporation (EDC) Partner Award - 2011

Hanford Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year - 2004

Explore our history

FAST's original charter

1953 + 7 members + $35 = FAST Credit Union

Created to improve lives and serve others.


2021 + more than 17,000 members + $220MM = FAST Credit Union today

Continuing to improve lives and serve others.

In 1953 FAST started with 7 members, 5 dollars each - a total of $35. In 1968 we got our first logo - an outline of our first building which is still home to our Lemoore branch today. 1986 we updated the logo as we began to grow. In 1999 we changed our name to FAST and updated the logo to showcase our new name. 2008 we updated the logo again as we rapidly grow. In 2010 we simplified and improved our logo further. In 2019 we chaged logo and 16,722 Members and $175,692,914 in assets.

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