What are you saving for?

Whether you're saving for college, planning retirement, or building your vacation or holiday fund, FAST Credit Union has a Savings Account for your life and your family!

Where it all begins!

Regular Savings is the foundation of your membership. Once your savings account is open, you're a member and owner of FAST Credit Union! From there you can begin to enjoy all of our fantastic products & services  including Loans, Checking Accounts, Investments, FAST Protect, Credit Sense and so much more!

More Savings Accounts and Options

Our Special Savings go under your same account number, but can be used and named for anything you want! Some examples are:

  • Emergency Fund
  • Saving for a car
  • Saving for a home or home improvement projects
  • College Savings
  • Special Event - Wedding, Graduation, Family Reunion

Got Kids?Dollar Dog as an Astronaut

Start your child's financial future off right! Start saving and learning today!

Our Dollar Dog Kids Club rewards children with collectible stickers for saving money and encourages them to develop good financial habits.

Open a Dollar Dog Kids Club account today!

Collectible Stickers:

Dollar Dog as a Cowdog  Dollar Dog Camping Dollar Dog Playing Baseball  Dollar Dog with Flowers


Membership Savings for ages 13-17

Let's prepare our youth for a I'm saving for college and a new car!financially fit future! Whether you want to help save for their education or other big milestone, this account is a great tool to set aside funds for their next step.

FAST Zogo App

As part of our commitment to the financial well-being of our youth, we invested in a fabulous app called Zogo. Zogo makes financial literacy fun, engaging and pays you to learn. Check it out!

Download Zogo Today!

Savings with all the bells and whistles!

We value our most experienced members so much that we decided to offer a few extra benefits to show our appreciation.I love my Classic Club Account!

  • Higher Classic Club savings rates
  • Higher Share Certificate (CD) and IRA Certificate (CD) rates                  
  • Receive 1 box free Classic Club Checks (1 box per quarter)
  • Free 3” x 5” safe deposit box (or $30 off a larger box)

Hit the beach or holidays with plenty of cash!

Save a little each month to plan for some of the biggest expenses of the year. I can't wait to enjoy Christmas and vacation without bills!

Your Christmas Club savings will be deposited into your savings account October 31st - just in time to start your Christmas shopping!

Your Vacation Club savings will be deposited into your savings account May 31st - perfect timing for Summer vacations!