What are you saving for?

Whether you're saving for college, planning retirement, or building your vacation or holiday fund, FAST has a Savings Account for your life and your family!

Here's where it all begins!

Regular Savings is the foundation of your membership at FAST. Once you've opened your Regular Savings account, you can take advantage of the many other accounts, loans, and benefits we have to offer!

View our great Checking Accounts!

Got kids, grand kids, or even know a kid?

It's never too early to start them on their savings journey! A $5 deposit* earns you a Dollar Dog Coin. Collect them to win cool prizes!

*Depositing more than $5? Initial $-$25 deposit of the day earns 1 coin. Additional $25 deposit in the same day earns 1 additional coin, up to 5 coins total per day.

Foundation for their future

Time flies when you're having fun - don't forget to stop and smell the savings!

Savings with extra benefits for our most experienced members!

  • Higher share savings rates
  • Higher share certificate (CD) rates
  • Free 3” x 5” safe deposit box (or $30 off a larger box)

Vacation Club

Hit the beach or holidays with plenty of cash!

Save a little each month to plan for some of the biggest expenses of the year. 

Your Christmas Club savings will be deposited into your savings account October 31st - just in time to start your Christmas shopping!

Your Vacation Club savings will be deposited into your savings account May 31st - perfect timing for Summer vacations!

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

A safe, secure IRA to fit every retirement plan

The IRS sets the guidelines for IRAs at all financial institutions. The below is for informational purposes only, so please consult your tax professional for tax advice.

Funded with pre-tax earned income (meaning you’ve earned this income working and taxes weren't paid on it or you plan to write the deposit off your taxes when you file. You can then take the money out of this account, without penalty, at age 59 & 1/2 and pay the taxes at that time (or when you file taxes for that year).

Funded with after-tax earned income (meaning you’ve earned this income working and already paid taxes on it). You can take the money out of this account, without penalty, at age 59 & 1/2 - and it's tax-free. 

Save for education expenses (also known as a Coverdell IRA, Coverdell ESA, or Education Savings Account). The money deposited (after-tax) and earned can be withdrawn tax-free if spent on education. The contribution limit for an Education IRA for the current year is $2,000. See the IRS website for more information.

Move your current retirement account from another financial institution or a previous job (401k403B457, etc.) to one of the IRAs above.