Credit Sense

Online & mobile banking just got better!

  • Unlimited access to your credit score & Credit Sense credit report
  • Credit monitoring and alerts
  • Tips for improving your score
  • Pre-qualified offers – see ways you can save money on new and existing loans
  • Daily monitoring to prevent fraud
  • Many other awesome benefits

Credit Sense is easy to access. Just sign into online banking and scroll down on the Account page, or in our mobile app, click on My Credit Score and follow the simple instructions to sign up.

What Is Looks Like Before Registering
Credit Sense Phone 4.0

Credit scores displayed by Credit Sense are for educational purposes only. Checking Credit Sense will not have any impact on your credit score. FAST Credit Union will not use Credit Sense's credit score to make lending decisions. FAST Credit Union uses it's own lending criteria to determine credit eligibility.

Members are not required to use Credit Sense or any of the other tools it provides. Member must opt-in to use the service.

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