Picture of FAST Credit Union's Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Administrators & Managers

Board of Directors

FAST Credit Union is governed by your volunteer Board of Directors comprised of fellow members. They develop and improve FAST's governing policies and procedures, fostering and engaging in effective strategic thinking, insights, and planning.

Supervisory Committee

Appointed volunteer group of fellow members, tasked with safeguarding the assets of our members.


Appointed volunteer committee providing feedback to make FAST the best it can be.

  • Manuel Briano
  • Janet Chennault
  • Pam Davis
  • Alecia Goforth
  • Annette Humphrey
  • Antony Lopez
  • Martin Markle
  • Janene Martin
  • Mike Mayer
  • Jeff Milhon
  • Margarita Ochoa
  • Kristina Seaman
  • Daniel Sheldon
  • Jennifer Sheldon
  • Heidi Shimmon
  • Michael Strutz