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Thanks for Choosing FAST! FAST is #1 Hanford Sentinel Reader's Choice, #1 in the Valley, and in the Top 1% healthiest credit unions in the nation! (Top 1% in Nation and #1 the Valley reported by


Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. This means profits are returned to our members (owners) through lower interest rate loans, less fees, and higher interest rate savings. FAST also uses profits to re-invest in the communities we serve. Credit unions are generally smaller financial institutions. At FAST you can expect a much higher level of personal service. We take time to listen to your story to offer you the best options. You also have much more access to people of authority - like our CEO or Board, and are more likely to have your problems addressed and resolved quickly.FAST Credit Union Difference

Profits are returned to our members through lower interest rate loans, less fees, and higher interest rate savings and checking more


FAST Employees and volunteers (Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Ambassadors) are an active part of the community. FAST volunteers as many as 3,000 hours each year to serve various charities and events. Click here to see the many organizations and event to which FAST has regularly contributed and supported.3,000 Hours

FAST Employees and our volunteers (Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, Ambassadors) volunteer to serve many organizations...join us!


With so many merchant data breaches in the news, we want you to know FAST Credit Union is ready to help if your personal or financial data is ever compromised. We will do everything we can to protect your confidential information, but you can click here to receive additional tips and things you should know.Identity Theft: What You Need To Know

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