We want you and your money safe! Here are some ways to protect yourself.

Stay informed of the latest Scams

Tips to keep your account/information Safe

  • FAST will never call, text or email you asking for your account information, passcode, or password.
  • FAST will not send text alerts prompting you to disclose account information.
  • FAST will not ask you to attempt a Zelle transfer for any reason.
  • FAST will not ask you to purchase gift cards for any reason.
  • Never disclose you 2-step verification passcode to anyone.

When in doubt, always reach out to FAST at (559) 584-0922 to confirm any phone call, email or text message.

Security Tips for Shopping

Security Tips for Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

ID Theft Prevention


Free. Fast. Secure.

Receive your statement securely and faster than paper statements.

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Shredding Papers

Shred, Shred, Shred

Bring 1 square foot of personal information to any branch, up to 4 times per year. We'll shred it for you!

Never Share

Do not share any information unless you initiated contact. Keep PINs and Logins protected.

Report Lost, Stolen, or Incorrect

Contact us immediately with any questions and concerns.

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Green Lock And Key


FAST Protect puts you in control of your FAST Debit and Credit cards through your mobile device. 

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Review Your Account

Our fraud monitoring team may contact you if a puchase seems suspicious. Keep contact information up-to-date, and let us know if you're traveling out of the area.

Credit Reports

Annually review your credit reports for free to ensure your information is accurate.


Be safe and help prevent Identity Theft by placing a credit freeze. This will prevent identity thieves from opening new accounts in your name.

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Credit Report Freeze

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Credit Report Freeze

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Credit Report Freeze

Additional Help

Helpful information about Identity Theft

National Registery to limit telemarketing calls

Opt out of credit or insurance offers.

Remove email and/or home addresses from marketing lists