FAST Online Banking Conversion Frequently Asked Questions

To better serve you, our member! You have been letting us know you would like to see some new things and features – we listened and invested in this great new Online Banking program. We are excited about the changes – and, know you’ll love it too. See new great features later in this letter.

No. Your user ID will transfer over to the new system. However, you will
need to go through the login process to setup a new password and challenge
questions (see below).

When opening our FAST app, you will be asked to update the app. Once updated, follow the steps below to log in for the first time –

To access our new FAST online banking system either through the app or

1. Enter your current Logon ID
2. Last 6 digits of your SSN
3. Validate yourself by receiving a security code
4. You will be prompted to change your password
5. Finally, set up new security questions to protect your account.

Once you have successfully logged in on either the app or website, you are good
to go on both.

Yes! All of your account history you can currently view will be transferred to the new system. 

Good news – all your payees, scheduled/automatic payments will transfer to the new system as long as the payment for the scheduled payments is greater than $1.00. You can view paid items on your previous FAST monthly statements.

You still pay your bills the same way; however, the biggest change happens when the payments come out of your account. Some bills will not be deducted from your balance immediately. You can see these PENDING payments on the right of your Bill Pay screen. They will be deducted from your account balance once cashed by the payee.

All available eStatements will transfer over.

Lots of great new features –

  • Easily pay friends and family using their cell number or e-mail address.

  • Awesome Budgeting tools! You can set up goals, budget limits, and more.  Plus, it will track your spending, allowing you to see where you spent your money and if you’re meeting your goals. It also allows you to download into software programs.

  • Transfer money between FAST and other financial institutions

  • eBills! You can automatically get your bill information and set up automatic reminders.  Here is video telling you about it:

  • Setting up new payees is easier than ever! You can simply select from thousands of preloaded payees or even take a picture of your existing bill and load it into the system.

  • Enhanced alert system

Watch cool tutorials on these features here!