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Privacy Policy - Federal law requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. Our privacy policy has not changed and you may review and print our policy and practices with respect to your personal information from this link here or we will mail you a free copy upon request if you call us at 559-584-0922 or 800-635-4197.

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Rate Addendum and Fee Schedule


Here is what has recently changed -

Changes to Automatic Recurring Charges - VISA Account Updater (VAU) is a service, mandated by Visa, in which your card is automatically enrolled.

This service is to provide uninterrupted processing of your recurring charges to your Visa card(s). When your card(s) expire, are lost or stolen and new cards are issued, the service may update card numbers and expiration dates to appropriate merchants who participate. Because not all merchants participate in VAU, we recommend you verify your card information to ensure your recurring payments or services continue uninterrupted.

If at any time you wish to opt-out of the VAU service, please complete, sign and return this form to FAST: Visa Automatic Updater Opt-Out Notice or Visa Automatic Updater Opt-Out Notice in Spanish.

Here is what changed in 2017 -

Change in Terms - Beginning with your August 2017 statement, if you are signed up to view your account online through Virtual Branch (or our FAST App), and you receive paper statements, there will be a $2 monthly fee assessed for these paper statements. Sign up online for eStatements to receive your statement free, FASTer and you help our environment!


Government Regulation - Changes Now Affecting Your Savings Accounts

Limited to 6 per Month
• Automatic Transfers
• Overdraft transfers from savings to your checking
• Transfers from Savings to another deposit account online through Virtual Branch or our App
• Debit (POS) Transactions
• Transfers over the phone

Unlimited Transactions
• Branch Teller (in person or by mail)
• ATM Transactions
• FAST Loan Payments

The Government’s Regulation D requires FAST to limit certain savings account transfers/withdrawals to 6 per month. Effective immediately any additional request listed as limited, will be rejected. Since this may affect your pre-authorized payments and automatic/scheduled transfers, please make the necessary changes immediately. Rejected items will have a fee imposed, please refer to the Rate Addendum and Fee Schedule.


For more information contact us or stop by one of our branches.


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