Visa Credit Cards


Don't have a FAST Visa Credit Card?


Balance TransferHave a high balance somewhere else? Transfer your balance to our FAST Visa Credit Card with our low rate at  6.99% APR and no fees to transfer! Ask an employee for more details.

  • Have a high balance somewhere else? We'll help you transfer the balance to our low rate FAST Visa at 6.99% APR* - no fees to transfer!
  • The above rate is good until the transferred balance is paid in full.
  • Your future purchases will be at a low fixed rate.

Credit Card Balance Transfer in 3 SIMPLE Steps

     1. Call 866-599-1148

     2. Press 1 to get information about your current FAST Visa Credit Card (including your current balance and your available limit). 

     3. Press 0 to speak to a representative. You'll need the following (found on your credit card bill)...

          - Company Name

          - Payment Address

          - Account Number

          - Amount you would like to transfer 



Enjoy these great features:

  • Low Fixed Rate.
  • No Annual Fee. Check out our disclosure.
  • 25 day Grace Period (meaning if you pay your balance in full by the due date, no additional  interest is charged from the date the bill is mailed).
  • Automatic payment from your FAST savings account.
  • We’ll help fight fraud by contacting you if a purchase seems suspicious.
  • Telephone access for the hearing impaired.
  • FAST Visa cards received a 5 Star Rating from Credit Card Connection!

Share Secured Credit Card

This type of card is for people just starting out or trying to build their credit. You receive a credit card with a borrowing limit matching an amount we hold in your account. This way, unlike a prepaid card, it still reflects on your credit report. If you get into trouble and can’t pay it back, we can use the money already on hold in your account.

Credit Card Activation, Balance, Fraud, Lost or Stolen: 866-599-1148

Don't have a FAST Visa?


APR* = Annual Percentage Rate.

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