Credit Union Difference

At FAST, you are a member. When you open an account, your initial deposit makes you an owner of FAST Credit Union. As an owner, you’re eligible to vote - giving you a say in how FAST operates. 


Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations. This means profits are returned to our members (owners) through lower interest rate loans, less fees, and higher interest rate savings. FAST also uses profits to re-invest in the communities we serve.

Credit unions are generally smaller financial institutions. At FAST you can expect a much higher level of personal service. We take time to listen to your story to offer you the best options. You also have much more access to people of authority - like our CEO or Board, and are more likely to have your problems addressed and resolved quickly.


Don't Tax My Credit Union

Don't Tax my Credit Union

Credit unions have always cared about their members financial well being, they are member - owned and most are volunteer-directed and not-for-profit. At FAST we have always believed in people helping people and giving members the best service available. Unfortunately, some in Congress want to raise taxes and impose new fees on 96 million credit union members who represent 40% of all Americans, yet represent only 6% of the assets in financial institutions. They want to do this despite the fact that credit unions are not-for-profit.

Don’t let Congress raise taxes on 96 million credit union members and eliminate real financial choice.

Sign the petition here!


Federally Insured

NCUA is for credit unions and FDIC is for banks. They work exactly the same except NCUA has never cost tax payers a penny. At FAST Credit Union, your funds are federally insured up to $250,000 by NCUA.





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